Maker interview: Dan and Emma from Falvé

Buying locally made, yet alone handmade, can be challenging when you’re shopping for menswear, but Wellington couple Dan and Emma are filling a niche with their smartly tailored clothes and accessories.

Bow tie in a box

  • How do you describe your work?
Our work is clean and simple. We put a lot of work into the shape and fit of our products and consciously design in a way that places emphasis on the natural beauty of the materials used.


  • How did you learn the skills needed to make your products?
Dan – At university I took a wide range of papers involving textiles and garment construction and I guess have just slowly picked things up along the way.
 Leather working in progress
Emma – I grew up sewing and studied fashion at Massey University
 Hand sewing


  • What prompted you to turn your skills into a business?
Emma – I always wanted to have a menswear label right from age 15, I would always watch fashion shows on tv and was inspired from there.
Dan – I used to sketch and design brands and logos, and used to screen print t-shirts with graphics on them. Once meeting Em we joined abilities and came to Falvé as a result.
We both like crafting things. We like to design. It’s something that we both enjoy doing, we enjoy the excitement of selecting fabrics and constructing garments through to the final pieces made.


  • Which is your favourite product to make?
Dan – I enjoy making the leather wallets. Leather is fun to work with, it’s a nice durable material and it smells good.
Wallet by Falvé
Emma – I enjoy designing our shirts the most, I love seeing the first sample bring produced, it’s always exciting seeing the fabrics come to 3D life. In terms of making I really enjoy making the bow ties and pocket squares as they involve a lot of hand stitching, I’ve always loved embroidery so it’s a similar thing.
Falvé Bowtie


  • Many people craft to relax.  What do you do to relax?
We often end up making other things for our home together like lampshades, coffee tables, bedside tables, blackboards and other bits and pieces. We also like to get out in the sun and go for walks.
Emma – also I do love to sit down with a wine and some needle work over a good movie.


  • What’s your all-time favourite happy song?
Your love is strong by Jon Foreman. It was the song played at our wedding.Dan and Emma from Falvé