Maker interview: Nini from Things Unseen

NiniMeet Nini:

I feel like my head is always in the clouds but my feet are on the ground, so that’s what comes out in my designs. My deepest inspiration is the concept of a time travel, which is how my time flies collection came to be. My printer trays rack are filled with vintage beads, the sad and neglected tokens and trinkets of the past. Just about everything I make has some meaning behind it, and materials that are no longer in production, which is why I named my business “Things Unseen”.

  • How do you describe your work?

I take sad and neglected tokens and trinkets of the past, surround and combine them with things old and new so that they can have a second time around, full of prominence and appreciation. I love the idea of making beautiful objects that are not only functional but also beautifully crafted. I value attention to detail, finish, and hardiness, but I have little regard for perfection.Cufflinks

  • How did you learn the skills needed to make your products?

From books, lots and lots of books.DSC04350

  • What prompted you to turn your skills into a business?

My addiction to rescuing and collecting vintage bits and pieces that are scattered all over the world!DSC04219

  • Which is your favourite product to make?

I like to make rings. I get very personal and for so many reasons they are fun to make. There’s fire, noise, smell, and sometime crazy ideas to go with it. Every so often I will make a ring that is so fun, it’s not very practical to wear all the time. Well, fun can come first sometimes right?DSC04684

  • Many people craft to relax.  What do you do to relax?

I like to lay down on the grass in a nice sunny day, have a massage, and a hot bath.

  • What’s your all-time favourite happy song?

Feeling good is my all-time happy song